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"If you ever had to work with a contractor, you will know that having a repeat customer is a rare thing. AND saying nice things about your contractor. . .even during and after the job is done. . . is REALLY saying something. That is us writing this note.

  • Honesty: Not only is he fair, knows the rules, doesn't hide anything, he is always out to do "the right thing". He is looking for long term satisfaction. . . . and doing the job right is his standard of work.
  • Personable: He is easy to talk with and communicate with.
  • Entertaining: Educated, witty, humorous, wise, community oriented, etc. . . . Overall great guy.
  • Integrity: I think this is one of Fred's strongest points. He is completely up-front and makes certain all parties are on the same page so to speak. He explains things thoroughly and tells you the whole story. You are given the pros and cons of every decision so that you maximize your budget.
  • Quality: He makes certain you are completely satisfied with the quality of work every step of the way.
  • Fair: He treats his customers and co-workers with respect. He also charges a fair price for a superb job!
  • Experienced: He is an expert and a master. He seems to know everyone because he has dealt with so many people in all fields."


David and Patricia Fyhrie
Bathroom 1, After:

Bathroom 2, After:
We removed an old closet, expanded it, and built the new closet that you can see in the pictures on the left.

Bathroom 1, Before:

Bathroom 2, Before: