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"Dear Fred:   You have done remodeling work for me 3 times in the last 13 years, and I would hire you again. You do quality work, I trust what you do will be done the way I want it and even hidden work is up to or way beyond standard. So far you have redone the kitchen and dining room, the living room 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. While I am saving up for the last rooms, I recommend you to anyone who asks. I feel really comfortable with our working relationship, with your honesty, trustworthiness and integrity.

You always are willing to work around my schedule, keep to your time frame and finish when you say you will. You have my permission to use any of these thoughts for whatever purpose. How about this motto:  Fred Ransdell--the Contractor you've been looking for."

Roberta Rothe

"If you ever had to work with a contractor, you will know that having a repeat customer is a rare thing. AND saying nice things about your contractor. . . even during and after the job is done . . .  is REALLY saying something. That is us writing this note.

  • Honesty: Not only is he fair, knows the rules, doesn't hide anything, he is always out to do "the right thing". He is looking for long term satisfaction ? and doing the job right is his standard of work.
  • Personable: He is easy to talk with and communicate with.
  • Entertaining: Educated, witty, humorous, wise, community oriented, etc . . . overall great guy.
  • Integrity: I think this is one of Fred's strongest points. He is completely up-front and makes certain all parties are on the same page so to speak. He explains things thoroughly and tells you the whole story. You are given the pros and cons of every decision so that you maximize your budget.
  • Quality: He makes certain you are completely satisfied with the quality of work every step of the way.
  • Fair: He treats his customers and co-workers with respect. He also charges a fair price for a superb job!
  • Experienced: He is an expert and a master. He seems to know everyone because he has dealt with so many people in all fields."

David and Patricia Fyhrie

"Fred Ransdell remodeled our kitchen. He did a fantastic job and we are very happy with the new kitchen. Fred is a creative problem solver and a patient communicator.

On every project you can expect things to pop up that you had not expected. Our remodel project also had its unexpected challenges.  Fred patiently worked with us to find the solution to such unexpected things that was right for us. He clearly pointed out the pros and cons of different approaches, such that we could make an informed decision. He often provided just the right amount of advice, based on his vast experience, to help us arrive at a decision that was good for us.

Fred is very thorough and detail-oriented and the finished product is close to perfect. He uses subcontractors he has worked with for many years who do high quality work as well. It has been great to have Fred take care of managing the project.  For example, when a supplier provided the wrong cabinet knobs, Fred worked with them to get the knobs quickly replaced. We have the highest regard for Fred?s professionalism. 

 Lastly, Fred's follow up has been excellent. He guaranteed his work, and he was always available to make whatever adjustments needed to be made after the project was finished. We wholeheartedly recommend Fred Ransdell for all your remodel projects."

 Cynthia Belgum and Gerrit Platenkamp

"Choosing Fred Ransdell to be the contractor was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Fred has such an excellent reputation as a craftsman that after we finalized what was to be done I had enough confidence in him to leave town while he did the work. He gave me an estimate of 4 to 6 weeks to finish the job and called me in 5 weeks to say it was completely done! What fun to come home and find everything just as I'd hoped it would be.

Judy Thomsen

"We turn to Fred Ransdell whenever we have a carpentry-related or general construction job around the house or for a referral to another specialist. Fred has handled two major renovation projects and two minor jobs for us in the past decade. We have been consistently pleased with the results. Fred is a delight to work with--always knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and personable. We recommend him highly."

Al and Sandy Sokolow,
42-year residents of Davis

"As an architect, I took it upon myself to draft the plans for our remodel. It was a labor of love, but a labor that was rapidly running up against the summer building season. As a result, we submitted for permit and solicited Fred's bid with construction documents that left many details to the imagination.

Fred's bid included many allowances for items of work that we later resolved during construction. His approach was honest and open throughout the whole process. When the plans weren't clear or when he had concerns that some aspect of the construction wouldn't meet our design aesthetic, he took the time to call and resolve the issue before putting hammer to nail. In some areas, where we were at a loss as to what to do, he made suggestions that, once implemented, we've come to
treasure as an important part of our home's appeal. For example, in consultation with the drywall installer, Fred suggested we use bullnose corner flashing for a more rounded look to wall intersections. We tried it and we love it! Fred customized bits of cabinetry to complete our kitchen installation and even did the woodworking himself where we had hardwood trim.

There are numerous other examples where we relied on Fred's years of construction experience and his sensitivity to our design aesthetic. The result is a home we love and cherish. Two and half years later, we occasionally encounter something that needs correction and Fred is always quick to respond. For example, one of the new windows just decided to fall apart and Fred took care of ordering the replacement parts and oversaw the warranty repair."

"Thanks, Fred!"

Prescott Nichols


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